• Developing the modern, independent equestrian athlete.

    ~Encouraged, inspired and filled with purpose~


    Shane Ledyard & Ledyard Equestrian offers classic American horsemanship for hunter, jumper and equitation riders and their horses. My style is gritty and fun and my experience spans over two decades in equestrian sports.

    I will travel nationwide for clinics at your farm to share a systematic, proven and

    uplifting style of horsemanship.


    If you are a competitive show rider local to me in Bucks, Montgomery or Lehigh County, PA, I personally invite you to come visit as a ship-in to one of the facilities where I teach. I will also travel to your location of choice.


    Scores of references are available from clients, show managers and respected industry professionals.


  • Shane Ledyard & Ledyard Equestrian


    For over two-and-a-half decades I have made my living as a professional horseman. I have been blessed to work with wonderful students and horses, many of whom that have ridden with me for years. Safety and details are at the forefront of my disciplined approach, while my style is very encouraging and positive. I strive to communicate in such a way that lifts a person up, addressing the horse and rider as a pair of athletes; giving them the respect they deserve for competing in such a rigorous sport.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Family photo credit Adrienne Morella


    If you run into trouble, I can quickly fix problems with horses by working with them or by explaining the solution to the rider from the ground. For the hunter and equitation riders, my eye is continually sharpened by officiating at horse shows regionally and across the country. As a licensed official with the United States Equestrian Federation, I receive unique training that keeps me up on trends in the industry while surrounding me with professionals that make me a better horseman. This continuous stream of knowledge all gets passed directly on to you as my client. Along with my certification and licensing, I also undergo regular "Safe Sport" training.


    Feel good about reaching out to Ledyard Equestrian. I promise I will do everything I can to keep you safe, having fun and helping you and your horse become your absolute best.

  • Ledyard Equestrian Clinics

    Ride Inspired!


    Ledyard clinics are informative, fun and give riders immense confidence. Shane's approachable, down to earth, and compassionate style along with his experience as a judge make his clinics a unique platform to learn from. His style resonates with the coaches, making his clinics a great compliment to any program.

      "I love helping riders succeed and I also really value the relationships that I form with the coaches that I work with. The horse business has given me so much and clinics are a way for me to give back. I promise it will be a great, memorable experience."~ Shane Ledyard  

     The clinics are ideal for show barns wanting an edge in competition as well as IEA & IHSA teams. Shane works with all levels of riders & horses nationwide and has several clinic themes to choose from. Get in touch with him today to learn more or to set up an inspirational clinic at your farm!

  • Coaching, Training and Judging

    Riding Instruction

    Your riding ability will thrive in our healthy, positive atmosphere that stresses the technical side of the sport as well as a disciplined yet fun approach to horsemanship. Connect with me or one of my approved instructors at your location of choice for occasional tune-ups, regular training or join us at Rosewood Equestrian Center in East Greenville, PA.

    Contact me today to set up a session.

    Horse Training

    Ship-in or send your horse to a wonderful facility with caring, seasoned professionals. Your horse will enjoy a kind, common sense approach to training that specializes in hunters, jumpers and equitation horses. You will feel good knowing that the training staff and I use only correct, patient and classic training methods.

    We are prepared for the competitive show horse, short term projects such as finishing lead changes or other common training issues, as well as preparing a young horse to start a new career. We have hundreds of horses trained and have produced proven winners at some of the most prestigious horse shows in the country. Scores of references are available upon request.


    Fair, honest and accurate judging for hunters and equitation for USEF, IHSA, NCAA, IEA, 4-H and schooling horse show venues. The integrity of the sport is of the utmost importance to me, and I will be well-prepared to be a great compliment to your show.

  • The Horse Gone Silent trilogy

    The inspirational Amazon best-selling novellas.

    Inspired by real events, this story of a lost horse has captured hearts world-wide. A soulful and captivating drama that any true animal lover will connect to.

    At first a stand-alone novella, this heart-warming story later acted as a bridge to the trilogy.

    The conclusion to the trilogy, this wonderful story ties this dramatic tale together in the most satisfying and surprising of ways!

  • Color Me Real Coloring Books

    A new brand of coloring books sourced from photography by Shane in his travels all over the U.S.

    Totally unique and lots of fun!

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    Tradition. Horsemanship. Integrity. Encouragement. These are all words that describe the Ledyard Equestrian brand. Wear our merchandise with pride and confidence. We believe in you and we hope that our smiling horse reminds you just how valuable you really are. Ledyard Equestrian-more than just great horsemanship.

  • Ledyard Horsemanship Checklist

    Profiiency targets for students and clients of Ledyard Equestrian

    This checklist is designed to ensure that riders that train with Ledyard Equestrian are proficient in key areas of horsemanship,
    with emphasis on the hunter and jumper disciplines.


    The list is meant to inspire the individual to seek training in the areas that they find that they may fall short. If you note any areas of uncertainty on this
    list, simply request assistance and the training will be incorporated into your
    current program at no additional cost.



    Basic system: Pick feet, comb mane, curry body, hard brush,soft brush legs, dandy brush, towel*, soft brush, tail (Towel optional)

    Clipping (touch-up)

    Mane pulling/management

    Tail management


    After-ride care  

    Curry, dandy brush, towel, soft brush

    Bath vs no bath with fan, curry, soft brush, towel, softbrush

    Seasonal adjustments to grooming such as bathing and cooleruse

    Standing Wraps

    Ice Boots

    Poultice or Liniment Use


    Cooler use 

    No cooler

    Irish knit

    Medium weight

    Heavy wool


    Turn-out/Bringing in; proper procedure 

    Bringing a horse in from a field


    Understanding the turn and face method

    The halt before stall entry


    Riding and Training 

    Position (Hunt Seat, Jumper Seat and adjustable trainingseat)

    Line, Pace, Impulsion, Collection

    Pace must be adjustable at all three gaits

    The two parts to line: The horse’s body and the line that he is riding

    Five rein aids (basic)

    Three leg aids

    Half turn

    Reverse Turn

    Control of the outside aids

    Turn on the haunch

    Turn on the forehand





    Conditioning and cleaning

    Leather selection

    Parts of the tack

    Bits for each horse (Exploring different types)

    Saddle fit essentials


    Over Fences Training 

    (Fundamentals of flat work for both horse and rider must bein place before over fence training begins)

    Line, pace, impulsion, collection understanding


    Height choice and preparation

    Setting of jumps: Hunter/Equitation/Jumper



    Wrapping, bandaging and booting 

    Polo wrap

    Standing bandage

    Shipping wrap

    Poultice wrap

    Injury wrap (Laceration)

    Sweat wrap

    Bell boots

    Jumping boots (Open and closed)


    Trail Riding 

    Preparing the horse-the things the horse needs to knowbefore he goes out.

    Courtesy to other riders.

    Courtesy to property owners.

    Using the trail to prepare a show horse.


    First Aid 

    Basic first aid for wounds

    When to call the vet

    Wrapping a wound (Covered in Standing Wrap for lacerations)

    Wrapping a hoof that is injured or that has a missing shoe

    Pulling a shoe that is partially off (Advanced/AgeAppropriate)

    Poulticing legs

    Poulticing feet

    Recognizing signs of colic

    Recognizing signs of laminitis



    Hooking up a truck and trailer

    Loading properly and safely

    Shipping of the horse

    Handling a trouble loader


    Ground Training & Longing 

    Understanding that horse training is nothing more thanpressure and release Everything is achieved through these two principals

    Reading body language

    Intelligent Longing*, including use of rope halter, sidereins and rigs


    Horse Show Preparation 

    One-day show checklist

    Away-show checklist

    Training set-up the month prior

    Training the week of

    The approach in the warm-up ring

    Treatment of staff at the competition

    Mental approach to competition


    Horse and Horse Selection 

    Parts of the horse

    Conformation for particular use


    Facial structure and how it pertains to personality/performance (Advanced)


    Professional Section 

    Interacting with clients and vendors

    Treatment of clients

    Cultural awareness in the business

    Social Media conduct

    Web presence


    Professional Section-Finance 

    Business plan, strategy, values and mission

    Comprehension of finances for the business including bookkeeping,vendor relationships, credit, and taxes

    Personal finance vehicles comprehension. Strategies for savings,retirement accounts, investments, and health care



    This is an ongoing list that has been established to make amore complete horseman that is as safe and proficient as possible. At Ledyard Equestrian, we embrace an old-school style combined with a modern, intellectual approach.


    As a client of Ledyard Equestrian, these horsemanship lessons come at no additional cost to your training fees. Please make sure you
    take advantage of them. Remember, it is up to you to ask for help, as any good horseman would indeed do.


  • Rates

    Instruction & training rates include ongoing support during the week

    & a strategy for success going forward.


    Please contact me for a specialized farm quote. The fees are very reasonable and offer profit & fund raising opportunities for you. Let's make some great memories at your farm & inspire your favorite riders!

    Private & Group Lessons

    Private over fences~85 Private flat~70 Group~65

    (Pony or horse use additional)

    Show Coaching 85/division plus travel


    Horse Training


    Training rides for regular clients~55

    (+10 with groom)

    Groundwork 65

    Custom monthly training programs availiable.

    Commissioned Horse and Pony Acquisition


    10% Commission (Travel and appointments at 100/session additional)


    Non-Commissioned Horse and Pony Acquisition


    Video Analysis 20/prospect

    On-site Eval 100, 300 Half-day, 450 Full day (Travel additional)

    Negotiation with seller 750

    Vetting Walk through 175

    Contract Analysis 150


  • Contact me today to accomplish your equestrian goals. I look forward to helping you succeed.

    You can fill out the form below, or if you prefer call or email me directly.

    Tuesday through Saturday 9 to 7, as well as Sundays for the horse shows.
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